Increasing Trial Participation Minimizing Care Disparities

Today the ability for a patient or physician to search available clinical trials is limited to which can be intimidating, overwhelming and provides no ability to educate on the science of the trial or therapy. This often leaves the patient and referral physicians lost.

TheranosticTrials strives to change this experience. TheranosticTrials is a novel cancer-specific clinical trials search platform that provides an easy to search databank of relevant trials with the most advanced educational tools to provide patients and physicians the clarity necessary when choosing a clinical trial. Through increased awareness and understandable video and written education, TheranosticTrials aims to minimize clinical trials disparities and equal the treatment playing field for all cancer patients.

TheranosticTrials is the product of the minds behind XCancer®, a clinical trials network of community cancer centers that has successfully expanded access and enrollment in clinical trials in communities across the U.S.

TheranosticTrials is currently focused on developing this platform for Radiopharmaceutical & Molecular-Imaging clinical trials with plans to rapidly expand into clinical trials for all cancer therapies.

Health Disparities

Health Disparities continue to plague the U.S. healthcare system. Because of these variables not all patients receive the same healthcare which often results in worse outcomes. Key factors that result in disparities include: race, age, gender, income, educational level, access to healthcare/insurance, and access to the internet.

TheranosticTrials is taking active steps to help equal the playing field for all cancer patients. Education around Clinical Trials in general, education regarding new investigational treatments, and expanding access to Clinical Trials are a key component of solving healthcare disparities when it comes to treating cancer. Our scientific knowledge of how cancers develop, expand, spread and evade our bodies defenses and most of our current standard of care therapies is rapidly expanding through thousands of clinical trials. Unfortunately, only 3-5% of cancer patients in the U.S. ever participate in these new potentially life-saving therapies. There are several Myths and Misconceptions regarding Cancer Research and Clinical Trials that unfortunately deter many cancer patients from considering enrollment on a Trial. Many patients and cultures have a strong distrust of the medical and research community. Truth be told, today most patients who enroll on clinical trials and gain access to some of the most promising new cancer therapies, also have the most access to healthcare, higher education status, resources to travel, and are fluent with the internet. Clinical Trials have many advantages, one very important one being the reduction of financial strain on patients. Currently the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the U.S. is Medical Care. Many of the cancer therapies and imaging tests required to treat a cancer are covered at no cost to the patient while on a Trial providing huge cost savings to patients and society.

TheranosticTrials is working with major pharmaceutical companies to gather real world data from people like you regarding your thoughts on cancer Clinical Trials and non-identifiable characteristics about you to better learn how to minimize disparities among patients and improve cancer outcomes for all patients.

You can do your part to help level the playing field and put a dent in disparities

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