Distinguished Investigators

Highest Distinction for Theranostic Investigators

A Distinguished Investigator of Theranostics is a level of distinction conferred upon an individual physician who has demonstrated a mastery of conducting novel radioligand therapies and molecular imaging clinical trials. These selected physicians have met the advanced criteria necessary to distinguish them from other physicians and investigators.


Why Another Distinguished of Excellence?

Commonly institutions are the recipient of a “Center of Excellence” distinction. This recognition is often based on the institution’s ability to provide a wide range of approved radioligand therapies. However, given the expansive number of radioligand therapies being investigated on clinical trials compared to the few number of approved radioligand therapies and in addition to the unique expertise it takes a physician investigator to conduct these complex clinical trials, TheranosticTrials chose to develop an exclusive distinction recognizing the physician investigator as an individual, who has demonstrated vast experience with a wide range of investigational radioligand therapies and imaging.

What recognition is Given to Physicians With This Distinction?

Physician Investigators who have met the criteria for this distinction will be recognized & listed on the TheranosticTrials site, given a distinguished investigator bio-page, their name will be preceded by the seal of distinction for all clinical trials which they are a part of and their site location will be listed prior to all other trial sites. This recognition will follow the physician despite changing institutions. This level of distinction will be made very visible to any potential future pharmaceutical sponsor/CRO who are seeking sites and investigators for future trials."

Are you a physician-investigator interested in being recognized as a distiguished investigator?

Application process coming soon!