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A Prospective Randomized Phase II Study Assess the Schema of Retreatment With Lutathera® ([177LU]LU-DOTA-TATE) in Patients With New Progression of Intestinal Well-differenciated Neuroendocrine Tumor

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In France, since the reimbursement of Lutathera®, this treatment is allowed for retreatment if patients still fulfill the criteria of its indication and 4 news cycles could be proposed. However, clinical practices are heterogeneous regarding the number of new cycles and most teams perform only two additional cycles (every 8 weeks). Therefore, the coordinator propose to evaluate the efficacy of two additional cycle of Lutathera® versus active surveillance in patients already retreated with two cycles Lutathera® for a new progression of intestinal neuroendocrine tumor and who previously received the 4 cycles of treatment with a clinical benefit.


Institut du Cancer de Montpellier - Val d'Aurelle


Moussion Aurore, MD

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